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The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tagalog and English
List of Understudied Philippine Medicinal Plants
Abuse and Plagiarism of the Compilation on Philippine Medicinal Plants Under the Guise of Fair Use
List of Plants with Known Toxicity
Herb-Drug Interactions
A las diyes (Time flower) 8/16 Mansanitas (Jujube plum) 8/17 Abukado (Avocado) 8/19 Agor (Grass-like fimbry) 8/25
Amapola (Confederate rose) 8/27 Thailand shower (Cassod tree) 8/28 Siar tree (Copperpod) 9/1 Pataning-dagat (Bay bean) 9/3
Everlasting (Paper flower) 9/4 Caimito (Star apple) 9/7 Gatasan-layugan (Flase chew stick tree) 9/9 Ponytail plant (Bottle palm) 9/13
Batad (Common wild sorghum) 9/15 Coral tree (Cry baby tree) 9/16 Paayap (Cowpea) 9/16 Kabatiti (Latherleaf) 9/19
Mabolo (Velvet apple) 9/22 Chinese croton (Firestorm) 9/26 Puso-puso (Indiann laurel) 10/3 Bunga-bunga (Sessile joyweed) 10/5
Dalanghita (Tangerine orange) 10/10 Kalamansanai (Philippine almond) 10/12 Tagbak (Alpinia elegans) 10/14 African sausage tree (Cucumber tree) 10/10
Tsempedak (Small jackfruit) 10/24 Cadena de amor (Love vine) 10/28 Dona Trining (Red flag bush) 11/4 Pelegrina (Fragrant glory bower) 11/5
Luya-luyahan (White tumeric) 12/2 Luiang-usiu (Shampoo ginger) 12/6 Tubang-dalag (Beauty berry) 12/10 Angangi (Rice paddy herb) 12/17
Buboi (Kapok/silk cotton tree) 1/3/22 Alibangbang (Pink butterfly tree) 1/3/22 Borabor (Scythian lamb) 1/15  
Kaliuas (Ironweed tree) 10/8 Ilang-ilang vine (Climbing Ylang-ylang) 10/14 Mayapis (Gurjun oil tree) 10/21 White water lily (White lotus) 10/29
Hairy water lily (Red water lily) 11/5 Anonongkot (Burr mallow) 11/10 Sinampaga (Emetic nut tree) 11/18 Bulak (Cotton) 11/26
Guntapay (Ankol) 12/5 Dikai (Bisudak) 1/3 Malasaging (Aglaia edulis) 1/5 Sukini (Zucchini) 2/2
Tapilan (Rice bean) 2/5 Tuai (Java cedar) 2/22 Palosapis 2/24 Panoan (Wood apple) 3/2
Fish plant (Lizard tail) 3/18 Siar tree (Yellow flame tree) 4/28 Marrango (Philippine neem tree) 5/7 Tayabak (Jade vine) 5/12
Kopag (Tree bean) 5/29 Kadota (Common fig) 6/14 Red balete (?) (Spotted white fig) 6/22 Peanut butter fruit (Fasle guarana) 6/26
Kris plant (Kalis dagger) 6/27 Blood berry (Rouge plant) 7/1 Binukaw (Batuan fruit) 7/5 Cauliflower 7/21
Waling-waling (Sander's vanda) 7/27 Bolo (Poring bamboo ) 8/5 Uyok (Saurauia elegans) 8/14 Paso-paso (Sea bean) 8/17
Fiddle leaf fig (Banjo fig) 8/21 Logwood (Campeche wood) 8/24 Berba (Lemon-drop mangosteen) 8/26 Ayusip (Philippine blueberry) 9/3
Kamagong bundok (Bombay ebony) 9/20 Radicchio (Wild chicory) 9/30 Kohlrabi (Cabbage turnip) 10/22 Bialata (Silver grey wood) 10/23
Bleeding heart vine (Glory tree) 11/2 Apiit (Sweet viburnum) 11/15 Rattan (Common rattan) 11/16 Atalba (Luzon viburnum) 11/29
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