The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tagalog and English
\Tagbak 7/23 Jerusalem cherry (Christmas cherry) 7/23 Paanbalibis (Hogweed) 7/28 Sagu (Sago palm) 7/30
Oriental pepper 7/30 Makopa (Malay apple) 7/31 Herba buena (Mint) 8/1 Pitogo (False sago) 8/1
Lantana (Stink grass) 8/1 Kalpueng (Caricature plant) 8/2 Malbas (Chinese bell flower) 8/2 Sabi (Indian cress) 8/2
Pagong-pagongan (Dragon scales) 8/3 Kupang (Tree bean) 8/3 Pakuan (Watermelon) 8/5 Papaya (Melon tree) 8/5
Alpasotis (Wormseed) 8/6 Tintatintahan (Ink plant) 8/7 Pansi-pansi (Common leucas) 8/9 Kayomkom 8/14
Banato (Kamala) 8/15 Dita (White cheesewood) 8/16 Biga (Elephant's ear) 8/19 Kuisia (Slender golden shower) 8/19
Sabi (Yellow cress) 8/20 Tuba (Croton oil plant) 8/21 Anonas (Custard apple) 8/24 Anthurium 8/25
Taingan-daga (Judas ear) 8/25 Hauili (Septic fig) 8/26 Karipata (Curry leaf) 8/26 Gagatang (Sow thistle) 8/27
Kape (Coffee) 8/27 Kamantigi (Touch-Me-Not) 8/28 Luya-luyahan (White tumeric) 8/28 Wild sunflower (Tithonia) 8/29
Miracle fruit 5/18 Batuan (Gamboge) 5/20 Upang (Stink bean) 6/5 Sanchezia (Shrubby whitevein) 6/10
Bitsuelas (Common bean) 7/15 Bamboo ginger 7/19  
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