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I found your site through researching about jeepney art, and by far, your feature and gallery are the most in-depth I've found about the topic. (Also, one of the few to diverge from the overrated, romanticized notion of "mobile art" in pointing out that the "art" doesn't always come hand in hand with quality and creativity.)
April S.

I think your page about the Filipino Jeepney was far too critical. It is true that efforts should be made to outfit Jeepney's with more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly drive trains; however, you do not need to replace the Jeepney all together and toss the history and art of it all to the curb in order to make positive changes. At the speeds these things travel, aerodynamics can hardly be a concern. So, I really don't understand your comments there. The existing non-diesel Jeepney's could be converted to Ethanol, the diesel Jeepney's could run bio-diesel, and a wide array of other relatively simple modifications could be made to reduce the environmental impact of these vehicles. These are a rare combination of art and work-horse with a special flare that should be appreciated and preserved. It would be a sad mistake and dissapointingly American to simply throw out the old with its history, heritage, and flare to replace it with something new and "improved". Be
careful to see the difference between progress and loss of identity.
. . . the "jeepney art" and the closing parts should well express my sentiments for the jeepney. . . jeepney art is probably the sole venue for expression of true proletarian art. . . .It is part of the Filipino's cultural DNA, of its history, of its folklore, of the Filipino psyche..it will forever celebrate something uniquely Filipino. i think those few lines express it pretty well. . . i was born here. .
. rode it thousands of times. . . proud owner of one. . . decorated one. . .did and do jeepney art works (see the gallery). . conduct art classes in "Jeepney art". . . roamed the country in one. . . rent and fill up jeepneys to take my villagers to everywhere. . .
. . up to now, all the comments i have received on the piece have been most favorable. so i pondered yours. . . and in rereading did see where it might seem "too critical." of course that wasn't my intention. in the end, i had hoped to show my love, pride and passion for the jeepney as icon, art, and heritage.

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Delicious article and pics. Best 20 minutes I've spent lately! capt03ret
Well, in the first place it's *Willis* Jeep tomjw217
I rode in quite a few when i was in the Navy. Amazing, a ride with a stated destination cost a Peso. ($0.25) But if you just hopped on and got off near your stop you were charged only ten centavos. (3 cents) The ride could get hairy a times. mycroft34668
Yep, I rode in a Jeepney in 1955, in Angeles, Pampanga (sp?). They were beautiful! Never forget it! shortlung2002
Got the chance to ride a jeepney the other day. Because jeepneys are the "undisputed king of the road," it's pretty scary when the driver start proving that they are indeed the king of the road. To those who've experienced riding one (in the present), you know what I'm talking about. But anyhow, having read this article and seen the photos make me appreciate jeepneys even more! cookiebitz
Best of the Jeepney sites. LMB
A very complete link on the jeepney. A fantastic resource!

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