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Family Convolvulaceae
Merremia umbellata (Linn.) Hallier f.

Scientific names Common names
Convolvulus aristolochiifolius Mill. Bangbañgau (Ilk.)
Convolvulus caracassanus Willd. ex Roem. & Schult. Kalamitmit (Tagb.)
Convolvulus cymosus Desr. Kamokamotihan (Pamp., Tag.)
Convolvulus luteus M. Martens & Caleotti Malakamote (Pamp.)
Convolvulus multiflorus Mill. Tukod-tukod (P. Bis.)
Convolvulus sagittifer Kunth Belan's vine (Engl.)
Convolvulus umbellatus L. Hog vine (Engl.)
Ipomoea cymosa (Desr.) Roem. & Schult. Yellow merremia (Engl.)
Ipomoea mollicoma Miq. Yellow wood rose(Engl.)
Ipomoea polyanthes Roem. & Schult.  
Ipomoea portobellensis Beurl.  
Ipomoea sagittifer (Kunth) G.Don  
Merremia umbellata (Linn.) Hallier f.  
In Quisumbing's compilation, bangbañgau (Ilk.) is a common name shared by Operculina turpethum and Merremia umbellata.
Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier f. is an accepted name The Plant List

Other vernacular names
ASSAMESE: Goria loti.
BENGALI: Sapussunda.
FIJIAN: Sovivi.
GUJARATI: Tumaisa.
INDONESIAN: Lawatan kebo, Areuj geureung, Daun bisul, Aka belan.
MALAYALAM: Kolavara valli, Vayaravalli.
MALAYSIA: Andur nasi, Ulan tapak pelandok.
SPANISH: Cajete, Cuajo de ule, Jicama cimarrona, Quilamulillo.
THAI: Chingcho khaao, Thao dok baan tuum.
VIETNAMESE: B[if]m t[as]n.

Kalamitmit is a twining, herbaceous, more or less hairy vine, with slender stems. Leaves are oblong to oblong-ovate, 8 to 12 centimeters long, pointed at the tip and heart-shaped at the base. Inflorescence bears many flowers, and is borne in the axils of the leaves. Sepals are about 6 millimeters long. Corolla is white or yellow, tubular and funnel-shaped, about 3 centimeters long; limb is about 2.5 centimeters in diameter. Capsule is ovoid, smooth, about 1 centimeter long. Seeds are covered with spreading, black or brown hairs.

- Throughout the Philippines, in thickets at medium altitudes.
- Pantropic.

- Plant considered deobstruent, diuretic and alterative.

Parts used
Root, leaves, seeds.


- Young leaves may be mixed with other vegetables and eaten.
- Pounded leaves used as poultice for burns and scalds.
- In the Moluccas, poultice of leaves used for sores. Also leaves used as emollient for abscesses and ulcers.
- Decoction of plant used as deobstruent, diuretic and alterative; useful for rheumatism, headaches and neuralgia. Also used for dropping into the ears in cases of auricular ulcers and abscesses.
- In epilepsy, powder of leaves is sniffed up.
- Paste or powder of root, mixed with Java flour and water, applied to swellings.
- In Bengal, seeds are soaked in water to yield a mucilage and used as an aperient or as alterative for cutaneous diseases.

Phenolic Compounds / Allelochemical:
Study investigated the potential allelochemicals of the invasive plant Merremia umbellata subsp. orientalis. Results yielded eight phenolic compounds, including a salicylic acid (SA)-derived new natural product, SA 2-O- β-D-(3',6'-dicaffeoyl)-glucopyranoside. Compound 2 showed remarkable inhibition of seed germination of Arabidopsis. (1)
Cytotoxic / Antioxidant:
Study compared the antioxidant potential and cytotoxic activity of Ipomoea pes-caprae and Merremia umbellata. Merremia umbellata showed less cytotoxic activity (less than 75%) compared to Ipomoea pes-caprae (more than 80%). Ipomoea pes caprae showed marginally better antioxidant properties compared to Merremia umbellata. (5)


Last Update September 2016

IMAGE SOURCE: Photo / File:Yellow convulvulaceae.jpg / Photo taken by a lake in Kourou, French Guiana by Marialadouce on 7 November 2005 / GNU Free Documentation License / Wikimedia Commons
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Merremia umbellata / Synonyms / The Plant List
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