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Abuse and Plagiarism of the StuartXchange
Compilation of Philippine Medicinal Plants
Under the Guise of Fair Use

The compilation on Philippine medicinal plants has been my work passion for more than a decade and a half. The work involves the endless and arduous task of searching and adding new plants, editing and updating for new studies.

In the spirit of information sharing and for the purpose of educational use and occasional informational needs of plant enthusiasts, students, and researchers, I have kept the the “copy-and-paste” option available, and have occasionally allowed limited commercial use of copyright materials and photographs by starving artists publishing plant works. I have seen its content and photographs appear in many sites and publications, often with the appropriate attribution.

However, there have been recent flagrant thefts of StuartXchange intellectual property. While most have been limited thefts, one example of egregious abuse is the unauthorized and unattributed use of my work on Philippine medicinal plants by a commercial site (Dr. Farrah Cancer Center) that stole the whole compilation of Philippine medicinal plants—lock, stock and barrel, a copy-and-paste theft of more than a thousand entries of medicinal plants, including typos and misspellings, together with hundreds of photographs, initially without any attribution—under the guise of educational use and "fair use," with sole purpose of diverting traffic to the so-called Dr. Farrah Cancer Center website.

I am concerned that the magnitude of the unauthorized use of the compilation of medicinal plants from stuartxchange--and a later addition of attribution--might be construed as a working relationship or an endorsement of Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch's cancer treatments. Nothing can be further than the truth. I have never met her nor have I ever consulted or referred any patient to her. As a physician, I do not endorse Dr. Farrah's anticancer products and modalities of treatment.

To rub salt to my indignation, this fake testimonial appeared on her website blog section:

          Dr. Farrah has been my go-to Doctor when it comes to any ailment that is chronic or
difficult to address. She is an amazing resource when it comes to difficult health
          conditions as well as to keep you in good health. She has a holistic approach and looks to
          treat the cause, not just the symptoms which is common practice to most of the medical
          establishment. Her knowledge of Philippine medicinal plants is second to none. I truly
          appreciate her kindness and understanding. I cannot bestow enough praise upon her.

Shameless, for I have never met her. And it goes without saying, I would never refer a patient to Dr. Farrah or to her so-called Cancer Center.

Two other sites equally guilty of plagiarism, intellectual property abuse and trademark theft are <plants.stuartxchange.net> and <stuartxchange.net>, both containing the more than one thousand entries of medicinal plants stolen from the stuartxchange website. On some pages, clicking on the SX logo opens to a <drfarrah.online> page captioned: DOCTOR SHAMING. . . BY DOCTORS?

To date, these pages still exist. She refuses to stop her illegal use of my site and work.

And, alas, from the news and grapevine, the doctor has skedaddled out of town.

While I am pursuing avenues of redress--legal options, DMCA takedown, appeal to Farrah's hosting company---in the spirit of information sharing, I am keeping the StuartXchange website format open and accessible to users.

I truly appreciate the time taken by some visitors to inform me of the abuse of StuartXchange information. I am also very grateful for the letters of appreciation for the compilation on Philippine medicinal plants and its free and easy accessibility.

© Godofredo U. Stuart Jr., M.D.
Updated April 2019 November 2017
July 2017 /
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